Hello Grim Knights. Grab your self a drink and settle in.

Welcome to the Newsletter/Blog of Dansmonsters.

I will be posting new art, process work, sketchbooks, comics and other experiments. I am also going to be adding random stories about a life surrounded by pop culture, horror movies, comics book and Music. Plus the Library of Doom ,reviewing books from my extensive collection of pulp horror/Sci Fi/Fantasy and other genres. It’s going to be fun!! Please come along for the ride, I’m sure your going to like it!!!!

I hope this will eventually be my only social media presence if all goes well , as I’m sick to death with everything else!!!

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Creator of Macabre Monsters, Creeping Creatures and Doomed Demons. Artist, Writer and reader of Pulp Horror, Violent Action and Weird Sci Fi Fantasy. Not as miserable as you would think!